• Julian Giessing

    Julian Giessing

    Founder & Managing Partner of Ginkgo Equity — a Secondary Distressed Venture Capital Firm.

  • Markus Hallermann

    Markus Hallermann

    Insights and learnings as co-founder of komoot

  • Christophe Aumaitre

    Christophe Aumaitre

    Investor at WENVEST Capital | https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopheaumaitre/

  • Yannick Boog

    Yannick Boog

    Software Developer

  • Florent Roulet

    Florent Roulet

    Co-founder / Partner at NOR Capital

  • Mergeflow


    Inventors, technologists, and entrepreneurs use our software to discover and track emerging technologies, markets, and business developments.

  • Roland Dennert

    Roland Dennert

    Tech Investor, Marathon Runner, Managing Partner at Cipio Partners

  • Willy Braun

    Willy Braun

    Operating Partner at @gaiacapital. Co-founder @daphnivc. Teacher (innovation & marketing). Author Internet Marketing 2013. I love books, ties and data.

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